Monday, 15 August 2016

Girl club

In girl club we have been performing plays. We were in two groups. One group did the play called The Red Hen and the Sea Crocodiles. Yassmine, Zoey, Kayla, Phoebe and Kiana performed this play. The other group performed Anything is Better. Naomi, Azahra, Tayla and Rebekah were in this group. The play I did is the Anything is Better I like to performed it and did you like it or did you love it please leave a comment.

The goal we had is to have more actions and to have a loud and clare voices. 😄
We had more actions but in the beginning and we had a loud and clare voices.

Feedback/feedforward I think you did good on your actions it next time you could use a loud and clear voice.rebekah o

Thursday, 11 August 2016


we have been learning about excellent and we have done a slideshow and the word for excellent in māori is Panekiretanga.

Book buddie

In potama we have been doing something called book buddies and me and Naomi we worked on someone called lady Naomi we make a mini fega. We love it and it was hard but we got it in the end the next thing we need to do is cook and paint it and it done but here it is hope you like it.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Discovery time week 2

So first I I had a go at seceding and it was very hard to do but i did it again. I was very fast at it I made a pillow and a sleeping bag I did it first the pillow and I love it. 
It a pillow

It the sleeping bag